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Item: Water soluble packaging bag
Size: customized
Thickness: customized
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Water soluble packaging bag


Supermarket shopping bags, clothing bags, laundry balls, medical bed sheets, etc




PVA water-soluble film is a completely environmentally friendly new material, which is divided into normal temperature water soluble film (0-20 °C) and high temperature water soluble film (75°C above). The water-soluble film can be compleCtely non-toxic and harmless, and has an improved effect on the soil.
Comparison between PVAL and other materials:The human body does not need to touch, it can be set to melt temperature when it is dissolved in water. It is also the most important to protect the environment. It is everyone's responsibility. The water-soluble bag page is positively responding to this call. Next we share the characteristics of the water-soluble bag:

1. Water-soluble film packaging bag antistatic, tensile strength, tension
2. The water-soluble film is non-polluting, non-toxic, and degraded into water and carbon dioxide;
3. The inner bag is completely degraded (dissolved) at (20±5) degrees and the outer bag is above 80 degrees;

Product applications can be applied:
1. The water-soluble bag has the design choice of water-soluble speed, non-toxic and non-polluting; tensile strength and tension are equal to or better than traditional plastic film; high transparency, good gloss; high softness, good touch; good oil and solvent resistance, Heat sealable, printable; low air permeability, good gas barrier; excellent antistatic performance, no dust absorption, etc., the application of the product greatly improves the quality and quality of the product. 1. Use product packaging in water
Products used in water include pesticides, pigments, dyes, detergents, herbicides, fertilizers, water treatment agents, concrete additives, etc. Water-soluble packaging products can reduce environmental pollution, improve the working environment, and achieve accurate Metering, reducing waste.
2. Washing and packaging
In hospitals or in some other occasions, high-temperature water-soluble PVA film (dissolved to a temperature greater than 60 ° C) packaging contaminated supplies and clothing can be directly put into cleaning and disinfection
Cleaning in the equipment is safe and convenient, which can reduce the exposure of medical personnel to contaminated supplies and clothing, and avoid cross-infection of diseases.
3. Clothing and textile packaging
The high water-soluble PVA film does not have static electricity, and the transparency and gloss are superior to those of other films. With its clothing packaging, textiles and other products that are easy to generate static electricity, the products can be more beautiful and the added value is increased.
4. Food packaging
The water-soluble PVA film is a packaging material with excellent oxygen barrier properties, and it can be used as a barrier layer for food packaging materials, which can greatly extend the shelf life.
5. Electronics. Packaging of electrical products.
The water-soluble PVA film has almost no static electricity, so it is especially suitable for the packaging of electronic and electrical products. In addition, the water-soluble PVA film can be used for high-quality electronic and electrical products manufacturers. .
6. Seed bag packaging
Use water-soluble PVA film to make seed bags of crops (such as radish, onion, carrot and various plants, flowers and seeds) and bury them in the soil sac. The moisture (rain or moisture) in the soil sac will be After a period of time, the bag will dissolve, and the PVA distributed around the seed will improve the water retention in the soil bag, which is beneficial to the germination and growth of the seed. This method is also effective to prevent the seed sand area from being blown away or eaten by the animal due to exposure. In addition, the crops can be grown in the form of seed belts or seed nets.






Transparent or custom color or LOGO



More than 50,000


Free sample if have stock, shipping freight is refundable after place an order


inner: Poly bag 

outer: Best Quality 5-Layers Exporting Cartons

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