High Temperature Vacuum Cooking Bags

The sterilization temperature range of the high temperature cooking bag is controlled between 121-135 °C, which can completely eliminate harmful bacteria and meet the requirements of sterility.
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High transparent BPA Free clear plastic vacuum sealed bag vacuum cooking bag high temperature vacuum bag



Vacuum bags for Food/Meat/vagetables/Fruits

Packaging Type

Heat seal

Printing Color

Up to: Transparent




20*30cm or can be Customized



Seal size

Heat Seal 5mm/8mm/10mm/15mm, can be customized

Product Advantages

1. Excellent barrier against air, moisture & Shading, Decoration

2. High quality raw material used, completely non-toxic and can be bio-degradable

3. Ink and foil used are environment friendly

4. Excellent service provide from Design, sales, after-sale service.

5. Delivery on time


Available and welcome



Different quantiy with different price, OEM service is available.

Delivery time

7-15 days

Term of payment

TT,western union or Paypal

Port of Loading






The role of high temperature cooking bags and their application in food packaging

The sterilization temperature range of the high temperature cooking bag is controlled between 121-135 °C, which can completely eliminate harmful bacteria and meet the requirements of sterility. Through thorough sterilization, it can inhibit the growth of bacteria with little or no preservatives, prolong the shelf life of the product, and keep the original design flavor at room temperature for a long time. It is often used in high-temperature cooking products for food.

In the process of meat food production and processing, there are always two kinds of cooking processes, namely high temperature and high pressure sterilization and low temperature and atmospheric pressure sterilization. Because of the low heating temperature and the fiber of the meat, the meat is not damaged, so the taste is fresh and the various nutrients are well preserved. However, since it only kills the pathogenic bacteria, there are still a lot of spoilage bacteria, which not only has a short shelf life. And it is very easy to cause losses in the circulation field. High-temperature sterilized meat foods cause excessive shrinkage of meat fibers due to high heating temperature, and the taste is not as good as low-temperature sterilization products, but because it kills all bacteria, the internal cause of corruption is eliminated, and the shelf life can be greatly extended.

High-temperature sterilization meat products, such as high-barrier packaging materials, not only store at room temperature for a long shelf life, but also transport, storage, and sales are very convenient, very suitable for the consumption needs of modern society. Therefore, vigorously developing the production of meat products that are resistant to storage at room temperature is an important product development direction of the meat food industry. The packaging industry is in line with this development trend, making a difference and innovating to meet the needs of the food industry, but also to win a broad market for itself.










Product Information

1. Basic Materials

Outer-layer: BOPP, BOPET, PET, Matte-PET, NYLON, VMPET, VMCPP, Pearlized-BOPP, Matte-BOPP

Mid-layer: PET, AL, VMPET, VMCPP

Inner-layer: CPP, Metalized-CPP, PE, White-PE, Kraft Paper, Pearlized-BOPP, VMPET, VMCPP

You can choose two or three kind materials to compound the different bag!

2. Why choose our product

1) Can pack all kinds food products, like rice, snacks, tea, coffee and dried food.

2) Leakproof and moisture-proof, high temperature and pressure resistance, easy to open.

3) Suitable for automatic packaging and food packing, efficient to keep food flavor.

4) Good barrier property against air, moisture and puncture.

5) Vivid gravure printing up to 9 colors.

6) With quality proved producing, products with QS, ISO, and TUV certificated.

3. What information do you need to provide

Please provide your products' design, size, thickness, material, quantity, printing method, packing and place of delivery.

Your design is welcome and acceptable, your logo and image can be printed in the bag!

The price is according to the material, size, thickness, bag type, printing color and quantity.




Q1:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A1: We are manufacturer and trading company in Shanghai

Q2:What kind of packages you manufacture?

A2: We provide a wide range packaging solutions like: Plastic bags,PE bags,PVC bags,BOPP bags,Aluminum foil bags,Kraft paper bags,Stand up bags,Zip lock bags,Vacuum bags,Bags with valve and so on….

Q3:Can we customize our bags?

A3: Yes, absolutely. About 98% of our packages are customized.

Q4:What is your MOQ?

A4:It is negotiated, normally 10000 pcs.

Q5:What's the information should i let you know if i want to get a full quotation?

A5:Bag name, Bag type,Size,material,thickness,printing colors,quantity.

Please contact us freely for professional suggestions.

Q6:When we create our own artwork design,what kind of format is available for you?

A6:Please try to send the format in PSD,AI,CDR or PDF with high definition and seperated layers files.


Shipping Method

Shipping Time

Advantages & Disadvantages

Express like DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT

3-5 days with Tracking Number

Fast and expensive, door to door delivery

Air Shipping

5-7 days

Fast, airport to airport, customers have to pick up the goods in the airport

Sea Shipping

Cheap and Slow, port to port, customers have to pick up the goods in the port

Cheap and Slow, port to port, customers have to pick up the goods in the port

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