Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags

Item: Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags
Material: PVA
Usage Field: Elegant Plastic Bag for shopping/promotion
Printing: Gravure Printing (Color can be Accept Customized)
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Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags



Usage Field

Elegant Plastic Bag for shopping/promotion


Gravure Printing (Color can be Accept Customized)


Accept Customized


1) Directly dissolved in the 0 to 15 ° and 75 ° above the temperature of the water

2) Safe, hygienic and free of toxins
3) High quality raw material and strict quality control


Cartons/boxes, pallets available as request



Extra service



In stock samples, for free

Custom samples, need pay sample cost




1.Q: How many bags should I order if I want custom printed bags ?

A: Our minimum quantity of custom printed bags is 10,000 bags

Biodegradable plastic colored pva film cold water soluble packaging bags

2.Q: Can you help us deciding the best suited film we need to pack our products?

A: Yes Our engineers can work with you to develop best suited materials and size of bags. Please contact with our sales team.

3.Q: What is the time frame taken for custom printed bags ?

A: Our lead time will be about 25 days for production and 5 days by air shipment or about 20 days by sea shipment

4.Q: What is needed to provide you if I want custom printed bags ?

A: We need your design in AI. or EPS. or CDR. Or PDF. format.

5.Q:I want to print only our logo and some text matter. Does it take the same amount of time as high graphical designed printed bags ?

A: No. Time frame will be shorter for simple graphic bags. Please contact our sales team ASAP.

6.Q: Can you give some standard size for reference?

A: Yes, We can.


Buyers need to know:

Thank you very much for your patronage! We are willing to serve you and meet all your reasonable requirements. However, there are some things that we cannot control. If it is unacceptable, please trade with caution:

1 color difference problem: The shop sold goods are 100% in kind shooting. However, due to lighting, display color deviation, personal understanding of color is different, it is recommended to refer to the details of the color of the map, closer to the physical color. The products with color printing are prepared with color and raw materials, and cannot be exactly the same as the design color number. There will be slight deviation (dark or shallow) and there will be a certain color difference. Please know.

2 Size problem: The length of the bag is affected by the printing of copper and the tension of the bag body, there will be 0.3CM error, the size of the request is particularly strict when the order shows, we will try our best to achieve the minimum error.

3 Thickness: Standard Thickness

Information you need to know before ordering bags

First, first of all, what kind of material you need to customize?

General packaging material is mainly PE, EVA.PVC, CPE and so on.

Second, we must know the specifications and thickness of the products we make.

The specification is easy to handle, and the ruler is on the line. If the thickness is required, the professional tool micrometer should be used to measure the thickness. But the average customer doesn't have this tool. If you don't know the thickness, tell us the size you want to order and the purpose of the package. Let us estimate how much this thickness should be around, because this thickness is all tailor-made. Some people like thick, some people want to be thin for cost considerations are some, so the specific sample to determine.

Third: Because the product is customized, the final quantity will inevitably increase or decrease, and the final amount will be calculated according to the final quantity. The general error is within 10%. For example, 20,000 bags. The final number will be between 19,000-21,000. Of course we will try to control the quantity accurately. For more production parts, you need to take the original price. If the quantity is insufficient, we will refund you the original price.



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