Yifu Packaging Receives BRC Global Food Safety Standard Class A Certification

- Mar 05, 2020-

On January 26, Shanghai Yifu Packaging Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yifu Packaging") successfully passed the European Union's authoritative BRC global food safety standard certification, and was notified to review the level-Class A certification. Yifu Packaging's quality and safety management level has been recognized by international authorities, fully demonstrating its strong strength and industry influence.


BRC is the abbreviation of British Retail Consortium (British Retail Consortium). It is an internationally recognized food standard that is used to measure the quality, safety and operating standards of products. It is widely used in the United States and the European Union. Many well-known companies around the world regard BRC certification as an important and authoritative third-party supervision, and many markets use BRC certification as an intangible technical barrier. The BRC certification covers the main contents of the food safety system and quality management system, and also adds requirements for on-site standard audits. It is highly rigorous and authoritative. At present, the domestic packaging and packaging material industry has passed the BRC standard A-level certification.

Relevant responsible person said that this certification is based on the 5th edition of the "BRC Global Standards-Packaging and Packaging Materials", which checks food packaging from production management, quality inspection, sales management, administrative management, procurement management and storage, etc. Product recall drills, production site records, etc. will be checked. The person in charge also revealed that the review team highly evaluated the control and development of Yifu packaging products.


Yifu Packaging passed the A-level BRC certification, which is of great significance to further improve the quality management level of the enterprise and strengthen the international competitiveness and influence of the enterprise. It has ushered in new vitality for the expansion of overseas markets and the development of export business.