Why Do More And More People Prefer To Accept Skin-packaged Products?

- Jul 31, 2020-

The skin wrap technology originated in Europe and America. It is a novel product packaging technology and is well received in the international food packaging industry. In recent years, as the wave of consumption upgrades has become more intense, consumers' demand for high-quality products has continued to increase. The advantages of skin-packed products are becoming increasingly prominent, with very good packaging, visual display and preservation effects. This kind of packaging has been widely used in food packaging in developed countries. The Chinese market has also begun to introduce skin packaging machinery and equipment, and skin packaging products have increasingly come into the eyes of consumers, which has also contributed to the construction of China’s food safety barrier. At the same time, it has been In the "resistance war", there are also advantages.


Skin packaging technology not only vacuum seals, prevents product deterioration and deterioration, and extends the shelf life and container period. Moreover, it also has a strong advantage in the cold chain transportation process, which can reduce the loss and eliminate the damage, so that the product form can be seen more intuitively. The vacuum skin packaging machine is mainly composed of a bottom tray and a cover film. The process of the skin packaging machine is: place the packaged product in the tray, so that the cover film covering the product is close to the surface of the product under heating and vacuum, and Seal with bottom tray. The bottom tray of vacuum skin packaging requires good tensile properties, good barrier properties, high strength, strong endurance, etc. The structure is generally high barrier PVC or PET composite sheets, such as PVC/PE/EVOH/PE, VMPET /PE/EVOH/PE, etc.: The skinned cover film is generally a multi-layer co-extruded material, and the inner layer is a functional resin with good thermal adhesion and good elasticity. Unlike stretch packaging, the vacuum skin packaging machine has different sizes and shapes The products can be tightly packed with food and sealed through a special transparent body cover film, which can be called perfect vacuum packaging

skin film

So, what are the outstanding advantages of the skin packaging machine?

1. Regardless of size, shape, singly or in combination, the product can be sealed and packaged in one-time, convenient, flexible and practical.

2. The three-dimensional sense is strong, the product is clearly visible, which effectively enhances the value and grade of the product.

3 The product is completely fixed between the plate and the membrane, which can prevent dust, shock and moisture.

4. Compared with traditional packaging, it can reduce packaging volume and reduce storage and transportation costs.

5. High-grade ultra-transparent visual display packaging, which greatly enhances product market competitiveness.