What Materials Are There In The Paper Bag?

- Jan 02, 2019-

Nowadays, paper bags are no stranger to people's eyes. The market for paper bags will certainly be considerable in the future, because it is so environmentally friendly and atmospheric. Later, most people will choose to use paper bags, but do you know what materials are in the paper bags?

The paper bags are mainly made of white cardboard, kraft paper, black cardboard, copper paper and specialty paper.

1, the advantages of white cardboard: solid, more durable, very good smoothness, the printed color is very rich and full, paper bags are commonly used 210-300 grams of white cardboard, often used more 230 grams of white cardboard .

2, the material characteristics of copper paper: whiteness and gloss are very good, can make the picture and the picture reflect a three-dimensional sense when printing, but its solidity is not comparable to white cardboard. Paperboards commonly used in paper bags have a thickness of 128-300 grams.

3, the advantages of kraft paper: high toughness and firmness, not easy to tear, kraft paper is generally suitable for printing a few color or color is not rich in two-color paper bags.

The commonly used size is: 120-300 g 4. The advantages of black cardboard: solid and durable, the color is black, because the black cardboard itself is black, its biggest drawback is that it can not print color, but can be used for bronzing, hot silver And other processes.