What Issues Should Be Paid Attention To When Designing Packaging Paper Bags?

- Jan 05, 2019-

When designing the packaging paper bag, we will know some little knowledge about the design of the paper bag in advance, but some knowledge about the design of the paper bag will not be noticed by many customers due to professional problems. Today, from the perspective of the paper bag printing manufacturer, Talk about the problems that should be paid attention to when designing packaging paper bags.

1, The color mode should be correct, the impression color mode is RGB, but in the packaging paper bag printing, you still need to use CMYK mode to define the color value. As a paper bag printing manufacturer, it is necessary to say that the color of the paper bag printed by the RGB color value mode is much darker than that of the paper bag printed by the CMYK mode.

2, In the design, pay attention to the resolution of the image, the resolution should be kept above 300PI, if your resolution is lower than 300, it will lead to the mosaic of the printed paper bag, it is your packaging paper bag to see No beauty and design style.

3, Remember to design the artwork to transfer the text, because you can not guarantee that the software used to design the paper bag artwork is the same as the software used by the paper bag printing manufacturer, so there will be differences in the font library, so it will be compared It is easy to run the word or the model is not right, so the text is the safest way to reduce the probability of printing errors.

4. When designing the artwork of the packaging paper bag, the bleeding position must be reserved. Generally, the paper bag manufacturer will remind the customer to reserve a 3cm bleeding position in the design draft to prevent the machine from appearing errors when cutting, and the image of the printed part will be cut. Down, causing printing errors.