What Are The Printing Processes For Paper Bag Printing?

- Jan 05, 2019-

With the advancement of science and technology, production technology is also constantly improving. As far as the printing industry is concerned, simple paper bag printing can be divided into many printing processes. For example: laminating, bronzing, bumping, oiling, etc.

1, film

There are two types of film, one is a matte film and the other is a bright film. The difference between the two is that the matte film makes the color of the printed matter darker and looks softer. The bright film makes the printed matter more beautiful, but it is easy to reflect light, and the matte film cost is higher than the bright film.

2, bronzing

Clear pattern, beautiful appearance, colorful, wear-resistant, on the printed cigarette label = more use of gold stamping process than usual, and in the flat design, gold stamping can play a key role in highlighting the design theme, especially in Using a trademark, the registration name is more effective.

3, hot silver

Since there is hot stamping, there must be hot silver. There is no difference in the process and principle. However, the materials used in hot stamping are not the same. The hot stamping uses a golden luster material, while the hot silver is naturally It is made of material that gives off silvery luster.

4, over the oil

Post-processing is the general name for the production technology of printed kraft paper bags, which makes the kraft paper bags meet the requirements and performance of consumers. The post-processing guarantees the quality of the kraft paper bag and greatly improves the quality of the kraft paper bag. The post-use processing can make our kraft paper bags more beautiful and complete, which attracts a lot of consumers' attention.