Vacuum Bag Leaking Reason

- Jan 30, 2019-

In the process of using a vacuum bag, air bag leakage is a common problem. So how do you detect the leaking of the vacuum bag? What causes the vacuum bag to leak?

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The problem of air bag leakage is generally considered from the following two aspects:

1. Product: Whether the shape is regular, whether there is a convex part, it is easy to puncture the bag or tie it into a leaking port;

2. Bag: What is the quality of the bag? Is the thickness of the bag suitable? Is the bag size suitable? Is the outer box the right size?

Professionals also emphasize that if the contents are angular, transport friction, the bag is too thin, and the bag is too thick (causing insufficient sealing quality), it will cause air leakage! There are two reasons for this:

1. The bag is too thin. When the vacuum is excessive, the bag will be stretched and deformed in the protruding part of the product, and the pinhole will be severe.

2, the bag should be kept flat when sealing, to prevent discount, because pinholes will also appear at the discount. It may be treated appropriately by increasing the heat sealing temperature or the length of the heat sealing time, but it cannot be completely avoided.

The leaking air is mostly at the sharp corners of the wrinkles of the packaging film. At that time, it is analyzed that these protruding or sharp places are leaking due to collision and friction damage during transportation and transportation. The air leakage caused by the wrinkles of the packaging film is removed. In addition to the transportation, there is also a very important reason: after vacuum packaging, when packing, the general packing speed is very fast, the wrinkles of the packaging film are collided, the risk of friction is higher, after the packing is completed. The situation in which the inside of the box is collided and rubbed depends on whether the packing is full. Therefore, the size of the carton and the specifications of the action at the time of packing can be considered.