Unilever And Alibaba Released The Plastic Cleansing Action At The Expo

- Nov 12, 2020-

With the gradual implementation of the most stringent "plastic restriction order" in history, environmental protection and plastic reduction have also become topics of concern to exhibitors at the CIIE. On November 6th, the “Old Friends” of China International Import Expo, exhibitors Unilever and Alibaba jointly released the latest sustainable project—“Plastic Cleaning Action”. Both parties will build the first large-scale AI closed-loop plastic recycling system in China to help build Plastic circular economy.


Shanghai Yifu Packaging understands that as a plastic intelligent recycling project, the "Plastic Cleaning Action" is committed to creating a sustainable plastic business ecosystem and promoting green environmental protection by building a closed-loop plastic recycling link. According to reports, the project launched the latest offline recycling equipment with AI recognition function to automatically identify the recycled plastic bottles, and then transport the plastic bottles to the recycled plastic processing center, so that these high-quality plastics can be used again after processing and processing. , To form a closed loop for plastic use.

In order to increase participation enthusiasm and help consumers develop environmental behavior habits, the project also sets up a participation feedback mechanism. Participants can earn Ant Forest points after completing the delivery and recycling of plastic bottles. More rich exchange mechanisms such as product purchase coupons are gradually being introduced. At present, the project is successively putting 20 plastic recycling equipment in Shanghai and Hangzhou for pilot projects, including the construction of plastic recycling demonstration communities and streets in Shanghai Ruijin Second Road Street. In the future, Unilever will gradually increase the number and scope of equipment investment.

At the same time, Unilever, Alibaba and Antai College of Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University also jointly released the "White Paper on Plastic Sustainability", which aims to provide references and guidelines for sustainable development to all sectors of society to improve plastic reduction, recycling, and recycling. Environmental, economic and social effects in the process of reuse.

As an old friend of the CIIE, this year Unilever has selected the global "Internet celebrity" brands, bringing more than 20 overseas best-selling brands and more than 400 star products to the CIIE this year. They include Dove, a world-renowned personal care brand, Love Beauty and Planet, an American fragrance care and environmental protection brand, The Laundress, a high-end American niche care brand, AHC, a high-end Korean SPA skin care brand, and a Japanese palace-level liquid Essence expert brand Dumei Tunemakers and the UK's No. 1 selling sensitive skin professional brand Qingyan Simple, etc. Among them, the Qingyan Simple skin-friendly series will be launched in China during the CIIE.

How to "reduce plastic" is a topic that Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group has been paying attention to. Long Jiahua, President of Unilever North Asia, said: “As one of the world’s largest fast-moving consumer goods companies, 2.5 billion people use our products every day. Together with Alibaba, Shanghai Yifu Packaging launched the “Plastic Cleaning Action”. "It will become the'green engine' of the plastic circular economy and promote sustainable development."

Jing Jie, vice president of Alibaba Group, said that this project will form a closed-loop operation from purchase, use, recycling of waste products, point incentives, and repurchase, so as to create a sustainable plastic reduction and environmental protection link.

Ma Xingfa, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, said: “Plastic reduction is not only a positive response to national requirements, but also an innovative practice to improve waste classification. As an upgraded version of the popular science and benefit project, Actively demonstrate its role. By guiding the public to participate extensively in "plastic reduction", ecological civilization will be better integrated into life and lead fashion in the future."