The Queen Of England Suddenly Announced: Declare War On Plastic, The Public Enemy Of Mankind

- Dec 13, 2020-

Recently, 91 years old is still full of vitality 0

The Queen of England officially "declared war."

The object of the declaration of war is not against a certain country,

But the public enemy of all mankind-plastic!

The queen officially launched the plastic war,

"On all royal lands,

The use of plastic straws and plastic bottles is prohibited.

The Queen of England is definitely not on a whim. It stops on the surface. Because of the strong desire of her elderly to ban plastics, Buckingham Palace has begun to formulate a new waste plan.

Including chefs can only use ceramic plates, glasses, and recyclable paper cups; all royal series take-out foods must be packaged in biodegradable packaging.


For products that apply for royal certification, they must prove that they do not pollute the environment.

Prompting the queen to fight,

Those who declared war on plastics were both 91 years old.

We are familiar with the "Father of World Nature Documentary"

David Attenborough.

It was the various conversations between him and the Queen on the Commonwealth Wildlife Project that prompted the Queen to make up his mind.

The old man has dedicated his life to the BBC nature documentary, but the deeper he loves nature, the more painful the environmental pollution is.

"For a long time, we all thought that the ocean is so big and there are so many creatures living in the ocean, no matter what we humans do, we can't affect them.

But now I found out: we were wrong".

"When recording "Blue Planet", no matter how far we go to the ocean, the photographer can always see plastic."


After verifying the information, the old man was even more frightened, "In Britain alone, 7.7 billion plastic bottles are used every year; every year, about 8 million tons of plastic are poured into the sea."

Today the ratio of plastic to plankton in the ocean is 1:2. If there is no restriction, the weight of plastic will exceed that of fish in 2050.

What's more terrifying is that

The ocean produces half of the earth’s oxygen,

Humans destroyed the ocean,

Is destroying oneself.

Plastic is easy to pour into the sea,

They will soon disappear from people’s sight,

But they are like ghosts,

In various ways,

Bundled with humans.

An inconspicuous straw,

It takes hundreds of years to degrade.


Degradation is ideal,

What is hard to guard against is the plastic particles,

Its diameter is usually less than 2mm,

It is extremely difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Even deep-sea fish cannot escape this disaster. Researchers have collected a group of marine animals that usually live on the ocean floor as deep as 2000 meters in the ocean surrounding the western Rockols.

It was found that 48% of these animals contained plastic particles in their bodies.

Even the flexible seals,

There is no escape.

It is tightly trapped by the plastic packing ring,

I can’t get rid of it myself,

The more you grow up, the tighter you are,

Eventually the packing ring gets stuck in its flesh.

The rescuers are also helpless,

Watch it die.

You don’t need plastic bags to go to the supermarket, and you don’t need plastic straws to drink beverages. Everyone can do these little things.


In January this year, London also launched the "Last Straw" campaign.

Don't underestimate this move. The UK uses 8.5 billion straws every year.

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