The Excellent Performance Of Transparent Food Vacuum Bags

- Jan 14, 2020-

Vacuum packaging can extend the shelf life of products, inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms in the packaging, and maintain the freshness and taste. It is a packaging form widely used in the packaging industry. Vacuum packaging is used in various fields, and transparent food vacuum bags are the specific embodiment of vacuum packaging in packaging products.


Transparent food vacuum bags remove the oxygen in the package to achieve the effect of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms. Vacuum bags are often used in the food industry to package products to help extend the shelf display period and shelf life of food and avoid short-term food Deterioration within the erosion.

The large-scale application of transparent food vacuum bags in the food industry also mainly benefits from its excellent performance and role in packaging food products:

First, the food industry uses vacuum bags to package products. It mainly relies on vacuum bags to extend the shelf life of products, because general foods cannot be stored for a long time without the addition of preservatives, which is not conducive to long-distance transportation and long-term food. Place.

Second, the excellent packaging performance of the transparent food vacuum bag itself is also an important reason why it can be widely used in food packaging. The vacuum bag has good barrier properties and sealability, which can effectively avoid the communication between the food in the vacuum bag and the outside world. Not only can it avoid damage to the food caused by external impacts, squeezes, and other factors, but it can also prevent the loss of food moisture and aroma.

Third, the transparent food vacuum bag itself has good chemical resistance, and will not react with packaged food, causing its own pollution to food.

Fourth, the gas in the transparent food vacuum bag is almost completely extracted, so the sterilization time can be shortened and the sterilization efficiency can be improved during sterilization. It also prevents the vacuum bag from breaking due to the expansion of the gas during high-temperature sterilization.