The Difference And Discrimination Method Of Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag And Aluminized Packaging Bag

- Feb 08, 2020-

There is a word difference between aluminum foil packaging bag and aluminized packaging bag, but there is a big difference. In the food industry, both types of packaging can be used, but food companies need to choose reasonably according to the actual situation. Shanghai Yifu Packaging Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing all kinds of aluminum foil food vacuum packaging bags and aluminized food packaging bags with complete specifications and a wide variety, which can meet the needs of different types of food companies or food additive companies.


     Both the aluminized bag and the aluminum foil bag are composed of aluminum. The aluminum foil bag is made of pure metal aluminum. The aluminized bag is a high-temperature vacuum state in which high-purity metal aluminum is evenly coated on the finished plastic film.

 What is the difference between aluminum foil packaging bags and aluminized packaging bags?

      1. In terms of materials, pure aluminum bags are pure aluminum with high purity and are soft materials; aluminum-plated bags are mixed with composite materials and are brittle materials.

      2. In terms of cost, aluminum foil bags use more metal aluminum than aluminum-plated bags, so the production cost of aluminum foil bags is higher than that of aluminum-plated bags.

      3. In terms of performance, pure aluminum bags have better moisture and temperature reduction effects than aluminum-plated bags, pure aluminum bags are completely protected from light, and aluminum-plated bags have a light-shielding effect. Because the aluminum foil bag is made of metal aluminum and other materials, it has good barrier properties, heat sealability, light shielding, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrance retention, non-toxic, tasteless, soft The aluminum-plated bag is only coated with metal aluminum on other materials. The role of metal aluminum is more for the function of shading and decoration. It does not greatly improve the other properties of the material.

      4. In terms of use, aluminum foil packaging bags are more suitable for vacuuming and suitable for food packaging (such as vacuum packaging for rice, vacuum packaging for meat products, vacuum packaging for cooked food, etc.). The aluminized bag is suitable for tea, powder, electronics (circuit boards, electronic products, cables, etc.), precision equipment and so on.

      5. In terms of convenience, aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags. Most of them use three- or four-layer structures. They have good water and oxygen barrier functions, and can be customized according to different specifications and styles. Packaging bags, can be made into flat pockets, three-dimensional bags, organ bags, zipper bags and other styles. Shanghai Yifu Packaging Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production of various types of aluminum foil food vacuum packaging bags for many years. It has provided aluminum foil vacuum high-temperature cooking bags for well-known beef brands at home and abroad, and the effect is very satisfactory.


2. How to distinguish between aluminum foil packaging bags and aluminized packaging bags?

Watch with the naked eye.

        In the bag facing the light or the sun, the aluminum foil can be seen through the bag, and the pure aluminum foil can be seen. The appearance of the aluminum foil bag is opaque, silvery white, and anti-glossy. The brightness of aluminum foil is slightly weaker than that of aluminized, so the reflectivity of aluminum foil is not as good as that of aluminized film. Aluminized bags can show people's shadows.

Touch it with your hands.

       The aluminum foil bag feels thick, stiff and stiff and heavy. The aluminum-plated bag feels lighter and softer than the aluminum foil bag. Because pure aluminum bags are flexible materials with a certain degree of ductility, aluminum-plated bags are brittle.

Burn with fire.

       The aluminum foil is not easy to burn with the fire point, the aluminum layer will be rolled back, and the aluminum foil package will leave gray aluminum slag after burning. When the aluminized film is burned, different plastic films can be burned without the residue of aluminum slag.