The Development Trend Of Mask Bags In Cosmetic Packaging

- Feb 10, 2019-

The mask is a widely used product in cosmetics. Today, the masks are mainly packaged in mask bags, neglecting the various fancy designs printed on the surface of the mask bags. The mask bag itself has barrier properties, puncture resistance and sealing. Sex is the essence of protecting and storing the mask.

With the continuous advancement of the packaging industry technology and the continuous development of the cosmetics industry, although there are many other mask packaging forms and mask cosmetics, but at present, packaging masks with mask bags is still the mainstream.


In view of the development of the current facial mask bag, the functionality is undoubtedly one of the directions for driving the change of the mask bag. The mask product itself is relatively fragile and should be protected from direct sunlight during storage. Because the masking property of the mask bag must be good, in order to maintain the activity and effect of the mask, the barrier bag, moisture resistance and cooling performance of the mask bag must also be good. These make the foil bag become the first choice for the production of mask bags when the mask bag is produced, and the pure aluminum bag is undoubtedly more suitable for the aluminum foil bag products of the mask packaging than the aluminum-plated bag. Pure aluminum bags have obvious advantages in terms of shading, barrier properties and cooling properties compared to aluminum-plated bags.

At the same time, in addition to excellent packaging performance, the texture of the mask bag is also very important, which is a visual reflection of consumers when they consume. In the aluminum foil bag, the pure aluminum bag has a better metallic texture than the aluminum-plated bag. The foil bag also has a soft texture. It can be customized according to the requirements of different materials, thickness and bag type mask bag, and also meets the pursuit of various products in the market today. The aluminum foil bag with metallic texture and anti-gloss properties makes the mask bag more high-end atmosphere.

Nowadays, the development of facial mask bags is roughly the same. In the pursuit of the high-end requirements of performance and texture synchronization, the use of aluminum foil bags as the main material for mask bag packaging is the common choice of the mask industry.