Shanghai Yifu Packaging Develops New Food Packaging Materials

- Aug 16, 2020-

1. The general material choices for snack food packaging are:

PET+PE, dumb film+PE, PET+yin-yang aluminized PET+CPP, BOPP+VMPET+PE, etc. The selected bag types are: self-supporting zipper bags, three-side sealing zipper bags, special-shaped bags, etc. It is not only necessary to ensure the function of blocking air and moisture of the food, but also to reflect the grade and personality of the packaging to attract customers' attention. Shanghai Yifu Packaging Co., Ltd. has rich experience in this area and can provide customers with professional packaging solutions.


2. Salt packaging roll film:

The choice of plastic film for various salt packaging should pay attention to the moisture resistance, air permeability, heat sealability, tensile strength and adhesion fastness of the ink on the film. Based on years of experience in production and processing, we recommend NY, PET, VMPET, AL, LLDPE and other materials. It is intended to provide a reference for choosing suitable food-grade salt packaging film.


General speaking skills:

The selection of various snack food packaging films is to consider the functionality of the film itself, such as: waterproof and moisture-proof performance, moisture and oxygen resistance; also consider the high-end effect of the film material, such as what kind of snack food Choose dumb film OPP, what kind of snack food choose bright film OPP, VMPET material suitable for what customer group? and many more.

Nowadays, food packaging is more and more tied to the business philosophy and culture of the company. Therefore, it is very important that the company's intentions can be perfectly presented through design and printing after selecting good packaging materials.

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