Shanghai Yifu Company Has Launched A New Packaging, Which Can Be Heated By Oven Or Microwave!

- Dec 03, 2020-

How to make consumers use ovens or microwave ovens at home to make simple and delicious convenience foods? Amcor has launched a new oven package to meet the various needs of customers and consumers. Let's learn about this packaging material and process together.

01. Product form:

● Stretch film, prefabricated bag

02. Packaging form:

● Vacuum packaging

03. Product performance:

● Can be heated by oven or microwave

● Thermoforming stretch film can run on standard stretch film machine without any modification

● The film can withstand an oven temperature of 230℃

● Wide processing temperature, capable of stretching 130mm depth

● Easy to open design

● Automatic exhaust function

● Excellent barrier performance

04. Benefits to customers:

● Use the existing production technology, packaging equipment and circulation links

● The product can be sterilized, refrigerated or frozen, providing a longer shelf life

● Provide standardized products to ensure the stability of product taste and taste

● Interact with consumers through products to enhance consumers’ sense of participation


05. Benefits to customers:

● Cook with packaging, no need to touch food, reduce food pollution and reduce cooking preparation time

● No oily smoke is exposed, the oven is easy to clean

● Heating according to the recommended process, easy and convenient to operate, and improve the success rate of food production

● Consumers’ sense of participation and the happiness of getting food

● Provide the product with a tender and juicy taste, and it can also have a tender texture on the outside and tender inside; steaming at high temperature, the product will not dry out and burn

So what specific products can this packaging be used for?

Conditioning products: meat, poultry and fish

The conditioned and marinated meat is packaged. During the heating process of the oven, the high temperature causes the moisture on the surface of the food to evaporate, and most of the water vapor is kept around the surface of the product by the package, forming a high-temperature steaming mode to lock the moisture of the food and make the finished product It won't dry out, the juice is plump, and the outside is charred and tender inside.

Sauce and stewed meat products are hot to restore the fresh stewed flavor

The use of vacuum packaging can extend the shelf life of the product through pasteurization without reducing the taste and flavor of the product.

Use a microwave or oven for simple heating before eating to restore the original flavor of the product. Dispose of the packaging after eating, eliminating the need to clean the microwave and oven

● With packaging and heating, moisture is not easy to lose, ensuring the taste of the product

● Consumers can store in the refrigerator for a period of time after purchase

Convenience store fried skewers products

Use this bag for single packaging, defrost it with packaging and display it in a hot cabinet, and customers choose to bring it with packaging for microwave heating after purchase.

● Avoid the problem of drying out when the product is displayed for a long time in the hot cabinet

● Guarantee the freshness of the product to a certain extent

● With packaging and heating, moisture is not easy to lose, ensuring the taste of the product