Problem Handling In Custom Production Of Stand-up Pouches

- Feb 10, 2019-

In today's packaging industry, the traditional ordinary bag bag type has long been unable to meet the needs of the market, and the emergence of various bag-type bags such as shaped bags and stand-up bags has undoubtedly brought new vitality to the entire flexible packaging industry.

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In actual production, for stand-up pouches, there are more points to be paid attention to during production compared to traditional standard bags. Even in the final bag making process, it is easy to appear self-supporting bag type without paying attention. Problems such as flatness and poor symmetry. These problems not only affect the appearance of the bag but also directly affect the consumer's desire to purchase.

In fact, as long as attention is paid to detail control in the production process, it is not difficult to find and solve the above problems in time. For example, the bag type unevenness problem of the stand-up pouch is well known, and flatness is one of the indicators for measuring the appearance quality of the bag. The flatness of the stand-up pouch is generally related to the heat-sealing temperature, the heat-sealing pressure, the heat-sealing time, and the cooling effect. In the production of stand-up pouches, if the heat sealing temperature is too high or the heat sealing pressure is too high and the heat sealing time is too long, the shrinkage deformation of the composite film will be caused, which will affect the formation of the self-standing pouch in the back; similarly, when the cooling is insufficient, the heat sealing will be caused. The stand-up pouch is not shaped enough to produce wrinkles.

In the face of the problem of poor symmetry of the stand-up pouch, the first thing we must realize is that symmetry not only affects the appearance of the stand-up pouch, but also affects its sealing performance. In this regard, we must pay attention to the primer tension control during production, so as not to cause bottom deformation or wrinkles due to tension mismatch; in addition to the primer problem, the pocket asymmetry may also be balanced with photoelectric tracking, discharge, cursor design, rubber roller balance. It depends on factors such as degree, and it needs to be solved according to different packaging products and different bag making equipment when the stand-up pouch is actually produced.