Precautions For The Production Of Mask Bags

- Feb 10, 2019-

With the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of life is getting better and better, people pay more and more attention to their own problems, especially for women, skin care products, cosmetics, etc. are already necessities, and the mask is undoubtedly in the market. It has an important place in many cosmetic products.


At present, the most common mask packaging on the market is a mask packaging bag, which is mostly made of aluminum foil bag or aluminum-plated bag. The mask bag produced by the mask bag generally has good sealing property and high barrier property, and can satisfy the length of the mask packaging. Shelf life and good texture, which basically determines the material structure and requirements of the mask packaging bag.

Faced with the variety of masks and bags on the market, we have also found that many production quality problems of mask bags are taken care of in daily production and are avoided. For example, the mask packaging bag is wrinkled, sealed, bubbled, uneven; or the surface of the mask bag is not flat; the end face of the mask bag is not flat.

In the face of the quality problems of the above-mentioned mask packaging bags, consumers should pay special attention because the mask products will directly contact the sensitive parts of the consumer, that is, the face. Once the quality of the mask packaging bag occurs, there may be a product leakage problem, which contaminates the mask product and causes certain harm to the consumer's body. For mask manufacturers, such problems should be noted that serious product quality problems will not only affect the reputation of the company, but also harm consumers and reduce consumers' trust in the company.

Therefore, in the production process of the mask packaging bag, the process problems such as heat sealing and notch cutting should be strictly observed, and the production equipment should be strictly checked before production to avoid foreign matter and other problems.