Polyvinyl Alcohol Film Medical PVA Laundry Bag Information

- Jun 04, 2020-

Established in 2008, Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group PVA Branch is a leading water-soluble film company. We have used more than 12 years of experience to provide a large number of cosmetic PVA water-soluble films. Our customers are all over the world, we are honored to serve, provide and provide thousands of customers around the world. Medical PVA laundry bags are among the best products.201906241561386140159354

Medical PVA laundry bags use high-quality materials and advanced technology. Under the strict supervision of professionals, they are widely used for their excellent performance and high quality. The product design is excellent and meets industry standards. The product has a variety of designs and specifications. Completely residue-free, strong carrying capacity, able to meet the requirements of different shapes of packaging, etc. With good water solubility, good mechanical properties and heat sealing, good ductility, non-toxic and other characteristics, specializing in the development of water-soluble PVA film , Manufacturing and supply. The factory is located in Nanhai High-tech Zone, covering an area of 3,300 square meters, with more than 90 employees. The performance of the company's water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol film for detergent products has reached international advanced level. So far, we have developed 6 sets of PVA The membrane formula system has more than 20 types of PVA membranes. Our product range covers the cold water soluble packaging PVA film series, which includes more than 10 different types. Our R&D team is led and guided by a team of professors from South China University of Technology. Our laundry cabin packaging machine has passed CE certification. Water-soluble films can also be tested and verified by professional authorities. Can guarantee fast delivery. The produced PVA film has good compatibility with liquid detergents. Water-soluble packaging bags are lightweight and reduce transportation costs. Our films have good flexibility, effectively isolating various substances and quickly dissolving water. Water-soluble packaging bags can also be used as pesticide packaging, greatly reducing the incidence of pesticide poisoning. Currently, Bolivar has applied for 9 invention patents, including 5 utility patents. Our products have passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification. The materials used are harmless and harmless to the human body. PVA water-soluble film can be widely used in pesticide packaging, medical laundry bags, etc. Water-soluble packaging machine is a highly automated and intelligent touch screen operation. 0.02ml high filling accuracy is one of the main performance of this machine. The provided medical polyvinyl alcohol laundry bags are manufactured by the senior professionals of our suppliers. It has been awarded. Medical polyvinyl alcohol laundry bags are available in a variety of specifications to meet the different needs of our prestigious customers. The sales of this product are guaranteed: warranty, maintenance life! We provide a one-day return policy.


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