Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group Building Activity In 2020

- Jan 22, 2020-

When the Chinese New Year is approaching in 2020, in recognition of the hard work of all the staff of Shanghai Yifu Packaging Company, on January 22, all the staff of Shanghai Yifu Packaging Company went to Bali for vacation under unified arrangements.

All employees have fully enjoyed the happy time brought by the holiday, relaxed their mood, increased communication, deepened their feelings, boosted morale and strengthened their strength for better service to foreign customers in 2020.

During the vacation, we admired the beautiful scenery of nature and deeply felt that for the green development of the earth and the ocean, it is correct and urgent for us to take the route of environmental degradation bags.

I believe that with the efforts of all employees, Shanghai Yifu Packaging will definitely contribute to the continuous improvement of the global marine environment.

In 2020, we will continue to serve our customers and friends, create value for everyone, and grow together with everyone.