Latest News Of Medical Water-soluble Bags

- May 10, 2020-

At this moment, when the new coronavirus is raging all over the world, Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group Co., Ltd. has developed from the first Japanese water-soluble film sales in 2007 to the manufacture of medical water-soluble bags. It has established a good corporate image and established a good supply relationship with our customers. After 10 years of hard work, it has owned 66,000 square meters of Shanghai Jinshan Factory and an independent office in Shenzhen / Shanghai. The company currently uses Japanese technology and raw materials to professionally engage in the production of various types of PVA medical water-soluble films, printing, production and sales of water-soluble bags in China. The company's main products are: PVA water-soluble medical inner packaging bags (embossed transparent water-soluble bags, non-textured transparent water-soluble bags), PVA embroidery water-soluble film (embossed, non-textured), PVA bubble film (blue, green, white) , Water transfer blank film, pet feces bag, cleaning bag, silicon powder (oxidized pigment), bait packaging, three-dimensional isolation bag, laundry block packaging film, water-absorbent resin, suspension agent packaging film, ultra-low temperature water-soluble film, high temperature resistance Various types of PVA water-soluble film series products, such as baking and winding water-soluble film, please see the factory website for details.