Israel Develops Alternatives To Plastic Packaging Materials Like Banana Leaves 100% Degradable

- Mar 12, 2020-

One country has a legend every day that deserts become good fields, seawater becomes fresh water, farmers become scientists, soldiers become entrepreneurs. It is Israel with barren and arid land, a small land area and 60% of deserts and hills. But Israel is a recognized science and technology power in the world, and many world science and technology miracles created since the founding of the country are breathtaking.

Recently, Israel has born a hard-core invention. Its research and development of a new patent "SupraPulp" packaging products, not plastic or aluminum to produce disposable trays, but sugar cane pulp made from bagasse!

The original purpose of this great invention was to meet the challenge of plastic pollution. The Israeli entrepreneurs Joseph Siani and Leo Ithai have accumulated decades of experience in the packaging and high-tech industries.

PLA-100-biodegradable-bread-packing-bag (1)

It is reported that SupraPulp is made of 100% natural materials and does not release any toxins or heavy metals. It is equivalent to banana leaf because it is completely natural and 100% degradable.

Yitai emphasized that this solution based on industrial by-products has advantages over existing "green" solutions, because bioplastics, which are mainly produced from corn starch, require raw materials to be produced. Other cellulose-based products, made from living plants, often require a thin plastic coating to prevent the sugar cane pulp from absorbing water.

The startup, which has developed SupraPulp, is currently engaged in in-depth discussions and cooperation with fast food manufacturers from Europe and the Far East and a series of major aviation catering companies. The company has announced a partnership with Neto, Israel's main food group.

The startup has an ambitious roadmap for the future, and Siani emphasized that "cane pulp can replace anything."