Invested Huge Sums Of Money To Introduce 10 PVA Water-soluble Bag Production Lines

- Nov 11, 2020-

With the novel Coronavirus epidemic increasing worldwide, especially in the United States and Europe, the virus epidemic rebounded. With a huge investment, Shanghai Yinfu Packaging Group has added 10 PVA water-soluble anti-infection disposal bags, which are expected to provide 10 million PVA water-soluble medical bags per month for each country or region affected by novel Coronavirus.


Water soluble medical disposal laundry bags

Infection control includes water-soluble laundry bags and medical devices. Treatment bags are mainly used to collect contaminated medical devices, articles, bed sheets, linen, high-rise treatment appliances in hospitals and sanitariums. After sealing the disposal, the bag contents should not be exposed to oustside environment during the whole process of transportation, cleaning, disinfection and drying. Water-soluble bags can be fully dissolved when cleaned and disinfected without any residue of contamination.

Standard specification:


1. 25umx660mm × 840 mm

2. 25umx710mm × 990mm

3. 25umx914mm × 990mm

Advantages of PVA medical water-soluble anti-infection bag:


-Avoid direct contact with the operators in the contaminated content package until the washing and drying cycle is completed, to minimize the spread of cross-infected bacteria;

-Avoid the disposal of contaminated medical waste generated by the bag completely dissolved in water, eliminating the traditional treatment by incineration or burial and reducing the cost of treatment.;

- To a large extent improve the hygienic working environment, reduce labor intensity, and improve labor protection.