How To Choose The Right Clothing Paper Bag

- Jan 05, 2019-

First of all, let's take a look at some common clothing bags, such as plastic bags, paper bags, PU bags, cloth bags and other materials. Plastic bags are a common material, and the price is the cheapest, but because of the inability to degrade, today's clothing companies can use less plastic bags to package. Next is the paper bag, which is commonly used in clothing stores. It is lightweight and customizable for packaging clothes bags. At the same time, the pulp has been specially processed and has great advantages in environmental protection. The only downside may be due to paper. In terms of strength and water resistance, it is not as strong as other materials, but is now the development of science and technology. It has been able to use some of the aids to enhance its shortcomings as a bag of clothes. Let me talk about other materials, such as leather bags, PU bags, cloth bags, such products, used to make clothes bags, there are light features, but because of the higher cost, all reuse rates are higher, generally Both appear as separate items with high added value.

Since we understand the characteristics of various materials as clothing bags, it is relatively simple to choose what kind of material. We are pursuing high-end, then environmental protection and green are definitely the first choice, so the possibility of white contaminated plastic bags as packaging bags is excluded. Secondly, although we do high-end services, if the cost is too high, then we will face a big disadvantage in terms of cost, so other materials products are also eliminated. Does this mean that paper bags have a great advantage in packaging bags on a high-end and multiple basis? My answer is uncertain. We know that there are many kinds of paper, such as white cards, black cards, gray boards, pearls, fillers, cowhide and so on. We also need to carefully select the materials that are close to our store's imagination so that we can produce them. The bag has the greatest advantage in terms of grade.