Global Flexible Packaging And Lid Film Supplier Shanghai Yifu Packaging Has Developed New PET Film

- Jan 17, 2020-

The new single PET film series recently developed by Shanghai Yifu Packaging will be a 'sealing and peeling' solution designed for renewable pulp and platen trays. It enables manufacturers to meet the needs of new sustainable packaging solutions.

"Many food manufacturers and fresh produce packers are now keen to move from plastic pallets to alternative pallets," said She Li, general manager of Shanghai Yifu Packaging.


According to our company, coverslips are suitable for a variety of needs, such as environmental, freezing and dual heating applications, as well as printing, perforation and lamination.

In addition, Shanghai Yifu Packaging Co., Ltd., in cooperation with a convenience food manufacturer, piloted a new packaging solution that reduced the weight of plastic packaging by more than 85%.

The food company has replaced the BOPET tray design with a PET-lined platen tray top sealed with KPeel Plus + film.

The company provides KPET with a wide range of packaging applications with and without anti-fog thicknesses ranging from 18-50 microns.

Anti-fog Easy peel plastic Film