For The First Time In The World! New Coronavirus Live Virus Isolated From Qingdao Frozen Seafood Packaging

- Oct 19, 2020-

Recently, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted an investigation into the source of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Qingdao. Live virus was detected and isolated from positive samples of imported frozen cod carried by workers. This is the first time that the live new coronavirus has been isolated on the outer packaging of cold chain food, and it is confirmed that contact with the outer packaging contaminated by the new coronavirus can cause infection.


On October 18th, Wang Guiqiang, a member of the National Medical Expert Group and Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Peking University First Hospital, pointed out to 21 Xin Health reporter that the isolation of live virus this time also means that the possibility of the new crown virus being spread through objects is confirmed. In the "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Eighth Edition)", the source of infection and the route of transmission have been further improved, adding "infectious during the incubation period and highly infectious within 5 days after the onset" and "contact with virus-contaminated items" It can also cause infection."

Wang Guiqiang pointed out that follow-up epidemic prevention measures have also been extended to both people and things. "First of all, at the customs level, we must check the customs; at the consumer level, we must emphasize hand hygiene when handling seafood, wash hands, and separate raw and cooked food when eating cooked food. The new crown virus is transmitted through the respiratory tract, but close contact can also be infected. ."

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