Embossed Vacuum Household Packaging Film/bag, A Good Helper For Families Dealing With The New Coronavirus

- Aug 08, 2020-

Shanghai Yifu Packaging Company attaches great importance to product quality. Selected food-grade high-purity nylon PE, without BPA, to ensure durability in daily use. These food vacuum sealed bags have been approved by LFGB.

Proof-Plastic-Vacuum-Bags-Embossed-Vacuum-Seal (1)

Why choose food vacuum sealed bags?

High transparency: clarity, quality is clearer and more convenient;

High temperature resistance: preferred material, no deformation or expansion under high temperature environment;

Low temperature resistance: it will not crack under low temperature environment and still maintain its strength and impact resistance;

Oil resistance: It can prevent the free* in oily food from penetrating to the outside of the film;

High*: completely block oxygen, water, and peculiar smell, keep food fresh and delicious;

Moisture-proof: prevent the product* from seeping out from the inside of the packaging film, affecting the flavor and quality of the product;

Antioxidant properties: prevent food from contacting oxygen, thereby preventing product oxidation and the proliferation of aerobic microorganisms;

Puncture resistance: The seven-layer joint extrusion technology ensures that the food is resistant to impact during the logistics process and is not easy to break

Wide applicability of the product

These food vacuum sealed bags are ideal for all clamp vacuum sealing machines, including Nutri-Lock, Seal a Meal, Tilia, Gourmia, Geryon, Waoaw VacMaster, Nesco, Weston, etc.