Advantages Of Anti-static Packaging Bags

- Jan 18, 2020-

Anti-static packaging bag is a very common packaging product, which has been recognized and welcomed by many users, and has become a must for some special industries. Then, what kind of advantages does this packaging have? The following invites Shanghai Yifu Packaging Professionals to analyze and introduce it for everyone.

First and third functions

 Not only has a very good anti-static function, but also has a very good anti-electromagnetic interference function and moisture-proof function. The three major functions can meet the packaging needs of many precision instruments, so it is widely and widely used in many special instrument equipment factories. usage of.



Second, the seal is firm


The manufacturer of composite film flexible packaging said that when the anti-static packaging bag is finished, the compliance between the layers of materials is very strong. Generally, it will adopt a four-layer structure, which can make the anti-static packaging bag have a good Waterproof and oxygen blocking functions can also prevent puncture by the outside, which can achieve better protection of internal products.

 Third, printed text and patterns

Anti-static packaging bags can also be printed with a lot of text or patterns on the exterior when they are finished packing many items, and can also be printed with the company's trademark, so that it can better meet the needs of the company's publicity and greatly increase the visibility of the company.

Therefore, it can be seen that precisely because of the many excellent performance characteristics of anti-static packaging bags, there are many packaging products that can be applied to it. For example, it can be used in optical drive packaging and electronic device packaging. Medium, it will be seen in everyone's daily life, so it has become a common product of composite film flexible packaging manufacturers.