2020 Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group Company Training Conference

- Nov 17, 2020-

In the context of the new coronavirus in 2020, in order to better consolidate the company’s business capabilities and better serve packaging customers around the world, Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group Co., Ltd. held an unprecedented training on November 14, 2020. General Assembly.

The conference conducted in-depth and extensive discussions on how to better consolidate our strength, how to better sell our packaging bags/films, and how to better provide our customers with the best packaging solutions.

2020 02

Everyone discusses in the form of brainstorming. Finally, we unanimously agreed to divide our current business sectors into four major sectors: high-barrier plastic packaging bags/films, kraft paper bags/films, PLA fully biodegradable packaging products, and PVA medical water-soluble bags, and concentrate on providing our customers with Better and better packaging products, quick response, to provide our global packaging customers with the most convenient, safe, hygienic, and international standard packaging products.