Wide use of paper tote bags

- Jan 05, 2019-

With the continuous advancement of society, people's demand for packaging is also increasing. The use of plastic bags often causes white pollution, so humans have been looking for packaging products that can replace plastic bags. A portable paper bag that is easy to break down and has a retro feel is our choice.

Paper tote bags can be divided into different types depending on the different printing elements on the surface of the paper tote. First, let's talk about shopping bags. When customers walk into the streets and alleys and advertise in the stores, they are actually some beautiful advertising bags, no less than making good advertising signs. The cost is not high and the environment is friendly. Shopping bags are printed with various patterns and characters with certain knowledge, such as world famous paintings and Chinese calligraphy. This kind of shopping bag not only provides consumers with convenient carrying items, but also cultivates people's emotions and makes people have a good psychological feeling.

Retro: Many traditional socially motivated goods are popular with consumers for their advanced materials, sophisticated production and long history. If there are simple and elegant patterns and words on the shopping bag, it will give people a sense of dignity and solemnity, which will definitely cause some consumers' shopping interest.

The variety of paper handbags is not only used as a shopping bag. For example, the current catering packaging is also using a large number of paper tote bags. One is the call for the business to respond to environmental protection, and the other is that the paper tote will be more effective in printing. Obviously, it highlights what the merchant wants to express.