Why should the coffee bean bag be equipped with a one-way exhaust valve?

- Feb 11, 2020-

As a manufacturer of breathable valve coffee packaging bags, Shanghai Yifu Packaging Company can tell you very clearly, because roasted coffee beans will produce a lot of carbon dioxide. The role of the one-way exhaust valve is to discharge the gas produced by the coffee beans out of the bag, thereby ensuring the quality of the coffee beans and eliminating the risk of the coffee bag expanding and bursting due to this. In addition, the exhaust valve can block the outside oxygen from entering the bag, causing the coffee beans to oxidize and deteriorate!

In addition, because the coffee beans release a large amount of carbon dioxide gas after roasting, the gas is several times the volume of the coffee beans. At this time, if the air in the bag is exhausted by the one-way exhaust valve in time, the bag can be prevented from bursting open.