What is the difference between stick stick packaging and stand-up bag packaging?

- Jun 12, 2020-

1. What is back-sealed strip packaging

Stick strip packaging, also known as back seal packaging in the industry. That is, the roll film is first divided into several rows, each row of composite film is rolled individually, and then the vertical sealing edge is pressed to one side, and then the method of horizontally sealing the bag is first invented by a Japanese company. The advantages of the back seal strip packaging are very obvious. First, the appearance is very beautiful. The hidden vertical edge sealing and bag type characteristics used in the back seal packaging determine its distinctive appearance and the exquisite and beautiful bag shape. Secondly, multiple rows of back-sealed strips are packed at the same time with a fast packaging speed and a high utilization rate of packaging space.


Compared with traditional packaging, back seal strip packaging has a strong market demand in the solid beverage and liquid beverage industry with its many advantages. Backseal bag packaging has become a rookie in the field of solid food and liquid beverage packaging, and is one of the most popular forms of packaging today.

The self-supporting bag and the back seal bag are both forms of liquid beverage packaging. In terms of appearance, the back seal bag and the self-supporting bag are more beautiful and comfortable. The self-standing bag can only be used for liquid beverages, but the back seal bag can have a variety of dosage forms, covering Powders, solid drinks, tablets, capsules, pills, liquid beverages, creams, jellies, etc. in the health industry are widely used. So what are the advantages of back seal bags and ordinary solid drinks? Let me analyze and analyze together.