What is the difference between printed and non-printed aluminum foil bags

- Nov 08, 2020-

With the popularity of vacuum bags, more and more people choose to use vacuum bags to package food. But sometimes the food packaged in a vacuum bag is not very beautiful. What should I do at this time? Some people will choose to use aluminum foil bags.

       It can be seen from the name of the aluminum foil bag that the aluminum foil bag is not a plastic bag, and it can even be said to be better than ordinary plastic bags. When you currently want to refrigerate or package food, and want to keep the food as fresh as possible, aluminum foil bags are your choice.

       Common aluminum foil bags generally have light-proof properties on the surface, that is, they do not absorb light and are made in multiple layers. Therefore, the aluminum foil bag has good light-shielding, good insulation, and due to the existence of aluminum, it has good oil resistance and rigidity.


       Now, with the continuous exposure of counterfeit and shoddy goods and the safety of plastic bags, people are not concerned about the function of the packaging bags, but their safety. However, consumers can rest assured that the aluminum foil bag is harmless and has no smell. Green and environmentally friendly, it is also an aluminum foil bag that meets the required hygiene standards. So what is the difference between printing with aluminum foil bags and not printing?

       Some customers think that the concept of customized aluminum foil bags is rather vague. Generally, they think that when they see customers have this aluminum foil bag, I want this too. how much is it? However, a lot of information has been ignored in this regard, such as whether the aluminum foil bag of other customers is printed, and what are the size specifications.

       The non-printing nature of aluminum foil bags means that people always bring a gift when visiting relatives and friends throughout the ages, which is a traditional custom in the Middle Ages. When visiting relatives and friends in the distance, they will bring some hometown specialties or special snacks and dry goods packed in aluminum foil bags, which is sincere and kind. The so-called courtesy is more important than affection.

       Now, with the development of technology, these problems have been solved. If necessary, prevent the food from spoiling on the way, without spoiling the flavor of the food. Vacuum packaging can prevent air from entering and keep food fresh. When visiting relatives and friends, we always have aluminum foil bags, which is more face-saving. The packaged bags have original colors and no printed information. We also like to call them ordinary aluminum foil bags. In other words, the manufacturer can use it, no information is needed, and the relevant information can be reflected by the release of the certificate.