What is the attraction of the eight-side sealing zipper standing bag

- Nov 04, 2020-

Nowadays, with the further development of the market economy, when people buy products, they are more and more moving from practicality to ornamental. Therefore, in order to attract more consumers’ attention, merchants have taken great pains in packaging, as far as packaging bags are concerned. , Eight-side seal packaging bags are becoming more and more popular.


So what are the advantages of eight-side sealing bags?

First, analyze from the name of the eight-side seal packaging bag. The eight-side seal has eight edges, four at the bottom, and two on the left and right. The advantage of this setting is that the left and right sides and the bottom can be expanded and expanded to a certain extent. It saves its use space.

Second, the eight-side-sealed packaging bag can stand steadily on the shelf, playing a perfect display effect, which is more intuitive than lying on the shelf softly.

Third, eight-side-seal packaging bags are widely used in nut products. Generally, a self-sealing zipper is attached to the packaging of this type of product, so that consumers can simply seal the bag if they fail to eat it all at once. It is easy to use repeatedly, and it can make the product inside not easily damp. As the most popular packaging method in the past two years, the eight-side seal packaging bag has strong vitality, and there will be more demand in the past two years.

Shanghai Yifu Packaging has added several eight-side-seal packaging bag making equipment this year to build an eight-side-seal packaging bag production line to increase its output and meet the needs of different customers.