What is PVA water-soluble laundry bag?

- Jun 04, 2020-

The water-soluble laundry bag is an effective closed laundry treatment system in the medical industry. By using the water-soluble laundry bag, the operation becomes safe and simple. Just put the contaminated or dirty items into the water-soluble laundry bag. Put it in the washing machine together with the bag, no longer need to contact the contaminated items to avoid secondary infections in the hospital. During the washing process of the washing machine, the anti-cross-infection water-soluble laundry bag will quickly dissolve and release the contents of the bag. The clothes are completely harmless and suitable for clothes of all materials. 

Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group Company can make PVA medical laundry packaging bags of various sizes, temperatures, colors, appearances and thicknesses according to the actual needs of customers.