What is PLA+PBAT biodegradable toothbrush?

- Jul 16, 2020-

The bio-environmentally friendly toothbrush is a toothbrush that is injection-molded with corn biodegradable plastic PLA (polylactic acid).


1. The black bristles contain diamond-grade bamboo charcoal C active ions:

Non-chemically added natural super absorption, decomposition, moisture resistance, low carbon, environmental protection, remove tooth stains, plaque, healthy and white teeth, and help the toothbrush keep dry and reduce the chance of bacterial reproduction.

2. Bioplastic handle:

The brush handle is made of corn plastic, degradable material, energy saving and environmental protection, recyclable and beneficial to ecological balance.

3. The new European planting and grinding technology, gently care for the health of teeth and gums.

4. Dazzling black long and short fine hair: long and short match, elastic brushing.

When cleaning the surface of the teeth with short hair, sparse and long hairs are deeply cleaned between the teeth, and the gums are soft and elastic. 


market expectation:

Ecological and environmental protection, a global hot topic. News bamboo charcoal bio-environmental toothbrush-corn bioplastic PLA (polylactic acid), a biodegradable environmentally friendly material, and used in news bamboo charcoal toothbrush.

The corn bioplastic polylactic acid applied by the brush is not affected by the oil crisis and also reduces the problem of white pollution. News Bamboo charcoal bio-environmental toothbrush, bio-plastic, low-carbon environmental protection, recycling, energy saving and emission reduction.

Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group invested heavily in research and development and production of toothbrushes with various biodegradable substrates.

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