What is easy tear film? What are the characteristics of easy tear film?

- Mar 02, 2020-

People have been exploring the development of packaging products that facilitate people's lives. As early as the 1990s, in order to reduce the harm of plastic packaging to children and improve the convenience of packaging, easy-to-tear films appeared. So, do you know what easy-to-tear films are? In addition to the easy tear function, what are the characteristics of the easy tear film?

First, what is easy-to-tear film?


"Easy tear" and "Easy peel" are often confused on the packaging film. In fact, the so-called "easy tear" refers to a piece of paper that can be torn apart from the middle, and the crack is straight. The easy-to-remove film is opened from the surface along the heat cover of the two films, and it can be imagined that the two films are heat-sealed together by a process. The easy-to-tear packaging commonly used in the market is easy-to-remove film. The full name of easy-to-remove film is thermoformed stretch and easy-to-remove film. The familiar halogened egg is this kind of packaging.

Easy-tear film packaging originated in Europe in the 1990s. The reason is to reduce the harm to children and the problem of difficult plastic packaging. It promotes the promotion of child-friendly and harmless product packaging. Later, easy-tear film was not only used for children. Packaging, but also extends to medical products, food packaging, pet packaging, etc. Compared with traditional ordinary plastic packaging, easy-to-tear film has outstanding advantages in opening performance.

The 11-layer cast co-extrusion film of Yifu Packaging is made of 11 layers of material, and the outer layer of PE or PP contains a layer of material. After heat sealing with another film, the heat sealing force is not very large. The easy-to-tear position can be easily peeled off to achieve the effect of easy opening of the package.

Second, what are the characteristics of easy tear film?

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1, easy to seal and easy to open

Ordinary plastic is easy to be sealed at the seal. It takes a lot of force when peeling and opening, and it is easy to spill objects or liquid in the package, causing unnecessary waste. However, children who are much younger than adults have difficulty in opening some packaging by themselves, and need parental help, which is inconvenient to use.

Easy tear film has low tearing strength, and it is easy to tear both longitudinally and horizontally after bag making. After using the easy-to-remove film, the consumer can more easily open the package without affecting the sealability of the package. During the opening and peeling process, the force is stable and smooth, and the opening is easier. Consumers have better performance and materials are more suitable for children's packaging. When children open the packaging, they can provide better protection for children.

2.Save costs

Easy tear film only needs a lower sealing temperature, which is suitable for high-speed automatic packaging with lower hexane precipitation, which can meet the hygienic performance of drugs and reduce production costs.

Multi-layer co-extruded easy-to-tear film is currently mainly used for thermoforming stretch films for food and pharmaceutical packaging. In terms of heat sealing performance, peel stability, and various types of thermoforming stretch packaging machines, the user experience is better. The widespread concern of packaging companies. Especially in the packaging of braised eggs, meat products, snack foods, more and more widely used.

3. Wide application

Because of the excellent properties of light-shielding, moisture-proof, air-tightness, and barrier of PE easy-tear film packaging, it can be widely used in various food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other packaging. This kind of PE easy-tear film packaging is usually composed of OPP matte, PET, pure aluminum, PE composite. Easy-to-remove films are often used like our usual masks.

In addition to its application in the packaging of daily necessities and medicines, easy-to-remove films are widely used in agriculture, sheets, packaging bottles, electronics, auto parts, machinery and equipment.

The above is an introduction about what a tearable film is. Shanghai Yifu Packaging focuses on the R & D, production and sales of eleven-layer cast co-extruded film. The casting process can improve the ductility of the packaging film. It is suitable for batch packaging of food with a stretcher, which can greatly improve packaging efficiency. Welcome new and old customers Consultation visit, we will serve you wholeheartedly.