What are the production factors of food packaging film?

- Mar 05, 2020-

For many years, people have been fighting against bacteria, especially in food storage and packaging. For example, raw meat has no environment and measures to protect it. The shelf life will not exceed 28 days. Generally, the freshness limit is only 5-7 days. High barrier stretch film is often used for food packaging. What are the factors that need attention for the production of this packaging film?

 What are the production factors of food packaging film?

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I. Production materials

In order to achieve the characteristics of high barrier, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, and low temperature freeze resistance, the selection of materials for food high barrier stretch films is undoubtedly very important. Through the combination of materials, the quality guarantee of the finished packaging of food high stretch stretch films , Preservation, fragrance, puncture resistance and other functions.

In order to ensure product performance, Shanghai Yifu Packaging Co., Ltd. has established a complete and efficient modern enterprise management system and quality management system based on European and American developed countries and domestic food and pharmaceutical product packaging management standards and national standards, and comprehensively realizes production process tracking information. Management system. Most of the product raw materials are imported from abroad, such as Dow in the United States, DSM in the Netherlands, Shell, EVOH and so on. Strictly guarantee product quality.

Production equipment

The production cost of food high-barrier stretch film is low, and one of the manifestations lies in the production equipment, which can achieve the large-scale automation of food high-barrier stretch film production. When a food high-barrier stretch film manufacturer completes the full-scale production of food high-barrier stretch film from "printing-composite-slit", it can not only improve production efficiency, but also save labor costs.

Production process

Food high barrier stretch film is generally made by two processes: blow molding and casting.

1, blow molding method

Cooling by direct contact between water and the film surface, so it can be quickly cooled and spherically stretched. Its flatness is slightly inferior to that of the casting method, but its transparency is better than that of the casting method. At the same time, spherical stretching has a high barrier to the produced food. Film ductility has an impact.

2, casting method

The food-type high-barrier stretched film is cooled by a cooling roller to a certain extent in the longitudinal direction and no stretch in the transverse direction. The overall flatness is good. The transparency is second to the blow molding method, but the stretch ductility is better than the blow molding method.

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Yifu's eleven-layer cast co-extrusion film uses a casting process. The eleven-layer film structure is co-extruded at one time. After molding, the casting process flows down like a waterfall. After passing through a cold water roller, it becomes cold-formed into a plastic film because the film itself It has not been stretched and has good ductility. It is an ideal stretcher for forming stretch films. It is applied to bulk food packaging and saves manpower and efficiency than traditional vacuum pumps.

In order to extend the shelf life of food and retain the flavor and quality of food to the limit, Yifu Packaging always adheres to strict production procedures. In order to meet the different packaging needs of various industries, we also provide customized services. Welcome new and old customers to consult and visit. Yifu Packaging will serve you wholeheartedly.