What are the good food packaging bags?

- Jan 30, 2019-

Food packaging bag is one of the indispensable packaging methods in the market, and has always been the focus of people's attention. Food packaging bag is the most contact with food before food comes into people's hands. Its safety and quality will have many effects on food, good or bad. Here we mainly discuss how to judge the quality of a food packaging bag. What aspects are there now?

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1. When we buy food packaging bags, the first thing we see is the appearance of the bags. Excellent food packaging bags must meet the relevant production requirements of the country. Whether the packaging of the bags is printed "QS", whether the printing of the bags is exquisite, whether the product description of the bags is complete, are all the methods that we can quickly judge whether it is a good packaging bag.

2. When purchasing packaged products, we can start with a simple observation of the material. For products that need vacuum packaging, we should observe whether there is air leakage. Especially for some meat products, they are packaged after sterilization at high temperature. Once air leakage, bacteria will run back into bags. This product is not qualified. You can also pick up the packaged bags, smell whether there is a pungent odor, standard bag manufacturers will produce bags to control the odor at a very low level.

3. There is also a packaging bag appearance, such as some bags tear easily, self-supporting sockets, zippers and edge-sealing parts are the direction of inspection of high-quality packaging bags. Good packaging bags are easy to tear, with self-supporting sockets can stand up, the zipper part is not uneven phenomenon, the sealing edge is unified, there will be some places sealed 1 cm and some places sealed 0.8 cm phenomenon.

From the above, we can see that a good food packaging bags need to examine many aspects, and these need to be controlled by packaging manufacturers, from packaging materials, plate making, printing, composite, bag making and so on, all aspects should be well controlled.