What are the functions of custom food packaging bags?

- Jan 18, 2020-

There are many options for customizing food packaging bags. There are many types, such as ordinary food packaging bags, vacuum food packaging bags, inflatable food packaging bags, and poached food packaging bags. The packaging that fits the food itself is customized. What are the physical properties of this food packaging bag?

First, physical protection

One aspect of the food packaging bag is its physical protection. It can make the food in the packaging bag better avoid the impact of squeeze, impact or vibration, and can ensure the food. More securely complete transportation and sales.

 Second, shell protection

 It can prevent the food in it from coming into contact with oxygen and water vapor in the air, and it can also play a good role in preventing leakage. Many vacuum packaging can also greatly increase the packaging period of the food and make the food more Clean and fresh.

Eight-side-Sealed-Bag-Open-Window-White (1)

 Third, the role of conveying information and marketing

 The food bag customization service can also play a good role in conveying information. The label on the package guides how the food should be transported. It also has a marketing role. Through the graphic design of the package, it can also allow many consumers. It has a more profound impact on it, which has formed an invisible publicity role among many consumers.

In addition, for the customization of food packaging bags, it is necessary to choose an experienced flexible plastic packaging factory. Shanghai Yifu Packaging has been focusing on food packaging research and development for many years. Professional equipment and multiple technical R & D personnel continue to serve customers. Create more packaging value.