What are the advantages of PVA film compared with conventional detergent packaging

- Jan 06, 2021-

What are the advantages of PVA film compared with conventional detergent packaging? Mainly reflected in the use of more convenient, more rational, more scientific and more environmentally friendly.

  1> The characteristic of PVA film is that it can be quickly dissolved in water at room temperature. When in use, it can be directly put into the water together with the water-soluble bag without unpacking, so as to prevent the user from directly contacting the detergent and make the machine washing more convenient.

  2> Accurate measurement, due to its good mechanical properties and heat-seal performance, it can be used for independent quantitative packaging of detergents, which makes it possible to quantitatively package detergents that need to be diluted and provides convenience for users. In addition, since it can be packaged independently and quantitatively, it provides convenient conditions for the promotion of concentrated household detergents and makes consumption and use more rational and scientific.


  3> Safety and environmental protection. PVA film is safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, and easily degradable to humans. After the membrane is dissolved, it is neutral, and the ingredients do not pollute the environment. The final degradation products after dissolving in water are carbon dioxide and water. It is an environmentally friendly product; it has no impact on people or the environment.

  4> Because PVA film has good ductility, it can be fully stretched during packaging, thereby reducing the use of film surface and further reflecting the advantages of environmental protection and saving.

The above four points are some of the advantages that PVA film has compared with conventional detergent packaging. I believe that it will also allow everyone to further understand and understand PVA film. If there is any need, new and old users are welcome to inquire Shanghai Yifu Packaging Company. Choose suitable PVA film products.