Vacuum packaging films and household vacuum embossed films/bags

- Oct 23, 2020-

Shanghai Yifu Packaging Professional provides you with a variety of vacuum packaging films and household vacuum embossed films/bags:

  1. Vacuum sealed bag 8x50, 11x50 rolls 2 packs for preservation, sealed meals, commercial grade, no BPA, heavy duty, puncture-proof, very suitable for cooking or acid salt;

2. High quality!! 200 quarts size 20.32 cm x 30.48 cm embossed food preservation vacuum sealant freezer bags are used to seal food, food preservation and other machines. BPA-free heavy duty vacuum sealed pre-cut bags.

3. Vacuum sealed bag roll (pack of 4), 11 inches X 25 feet, suitable for heavy embossing in the machine, bisphenol A-free food storage bag roll and FoodSaver vacuum sealant vacuum cooking (100 feet in total)