Vacuum bag packaging application requirements and methods

- Jan 20, 2019-

The vacuum bag can promote the microbes to have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh fruit and no disease. Vacuum bags are used in vacuum bags, aluminum foil packaging, glassware, plastics and composite packaging. The vacuum bag can be selected according to the type of the item. Since the fruit is a fresh food, it is still breathing, and the high oxygen deficiency of the vacuum bag will cause physiological diseases, and it has an extraordinary effect on the processing of clothing articles. The vacuum bag is relative to the ordinary packaging method.

The vacuum bag reduces the space occupied by the items. It also has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-bacterial, which makes the transportation of clothing items more convenient. Greatly reduce the possibility of loss caused by certain accidents. Excluding some air (oxygen) in the packaging container, it can effectively prevent food spoilage and deterioration. It adopts excellent barrier properties (air tightness) and strict sealing technology and requirements, which can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging contents and avoid food. Loss of weight, loss of taste, and prevent secondary pollution. The gas inside the container has been removed, accelerating the conduction of heat.