Standing zipper bag | wholesale high quality zipper bag

- Oct 21, 2020-

Standing zipper bag | wholesale high quality zipper bag

China Shanghai Yifu Packaging Company is proud to be the leading supplier of wholesale zipper bags. Our bags are obviously different in quality. We have several different types and styles of zipper bags to ensure that you can find the bags you need.


Our inventory samples include:

Standing zipper bags/Our unique polypropylene, polypropylene zipper bags have the highest transparency, which is perfect for protecting them while showing the true colors of the contents. These are the most transparent zipper bags in the industry.

PE zipper polyethylene zipper bag is soft and has good resistance. Very suitable for storing various items.

The ice bag is a zipper bag made of white blocks, easy to mark. Very suitable for hardware stores, manufacturing companies, gift bags, etc.

Standing zipper bags are most commonly used to pack tight food and make bags for exquisite displays.

Zipper bags Our wholesale zipper bags are one of the most classic types of zipper bags, with high transparency and cost much lower than retail prices.

Zipper bags are the most popular bags in almost every industry. From retail to food to gifts, these bags are the best way to hold products in place, keep air (if necessary) and seal components.

We also have kraft paper zipper bags, anti-rust bags and so on. Our zipper bags are impermeable and very suitable for keeping the freshness of items. They are also very suitable for large packaging-especially those items that need to be opened and closed frequently and protected from dust, water and other items. Check out all our wholesale zipper bags on our website to find the zipper bag that suits you.