Rice brick vacuum bag for packing rice

- Jul 23, 2020-

The use of rice packaging bags is indispensable. It not only protects the rice well and prevents it from being spilled during transportation and storage, but it is also a kind of publicity to rice manufacturers. Because the name, address and contact information of the manufacturer are printed on the rice packaging bags now. Rice from different manufacturers can be easily distinguished from the packaging.

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In the past, rice was basically used in ordinary packaging bags, and the bags were leaky, only to ensure that the rice would not spill out of the bags. This kind of packaging is more suitable for ordinary rice packaging workshops. Long-distance transportation will be involved, and rice will only be provided to nearby residents. With the emergence of large-scale rice production and processing, the previous packaging methods can no longer meet the needs, because this packaging method is extremely prone to insects during rice storage.

The rice we see now is basically packed in a rice brick vacuum bag. The basic shape is that the rice is packed in a vacuum bag and the air inside is extracted to make the rice appear like a brick. This is called For rice bricks. The use of this kind of vacuum bag not only improves the grade of rice and enables it to have a good selling price, but also blocks the damage to the rice by microorganisms in the air, so that the rice will not appear insects and mold during storage. Up.

Therefore, rice packaging bag manufacturers now recommend rice manufacturers to use rice brick vacuum bags, and their main product varieties are basically developed and designed around rice brick vacuum bags. On the road of future development, there will be more abundant styles.

Shanghai Yifu Packaging is mainly based on customized rice brick vacuum bags. It can design specifications and sizes according to customers' products, and customize them according to customers' length, width and thickness. Large quantities and small quantities can be processed and produced, and can be delivered quickly, with quality assurance. Print all kinds of colors and patterns, the price is affordable, the larger quantity is more favorable!

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