Related knowledge of mask bag

- Feb 18, 2020-

Compared with other packaging bags, the mask aluminum foil bag is relatively tube-shaped. Common three-sided cover film aluminum foil bags, back seal bags, pillow bags, and special-shaped bags are common.


Attention to the production of mask aluminum foil bag pillow type bag:

There are three types of mask pillow bags: standard pillow bags, inequality pillow bags, and side-sealed pillow bags.

1. Typesetting direction: The direction of printing must be consistent with the direction of hot stitching.

2. The inequality pillow bag has a front size greater than the sum of the two opposite sizes.

3. The arrangement requirements of pattern status: important graphics such as trademark, product name, net content, and bar code should not be too close to the hot seam edge to avoid sealing the pattern after heat sealing.

4. When the contents of the front and back patterns are at the same time, or the back patterns are integrated into a group, the back patterns are required to be seamless after heat sealing.

5. The overall front, side, and back patterns are generally centered around the unit size.

6, the front and back pattern arrangements generally go to the side, and the side pattern arrangement must not enter the front and back sides, if the side graphics enter the picture will affect the beauty.

The back pack of the mask is also called the middle pack of the mask. During the production process, you need to pay attention to:

1. The front picture and text can enter the reverse side, but the reverse picture and text absolutely do not enter the front.

2. Typesetting direction: The printing direction must be consistent with the direction of heat sealing.

3. The front and back graphics are generally placed centered around the unit size.

4. Pattern status requirements: Important graphics such as trademarks, product names, net contents, and bar codes cannot be too close to the heat-sealing edge, so as not to seal the pattern after heat-sealing, which will affect the appearance.

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