PVA water-soluble laundry bags

- Jun 05, 2020-

Product Description:

Water-soluble laundry bags are mainly used for packing the medical textiles in hospital especially in some department of infectious diseases to minimize the spreading of viruses, bacteria and contaminants, reduce the risk of infection of the operations staff in their working environment. It has become an standard and international process to collect and wash the medical textiles with water soluble laundry bag for infection control.

Hot water soluble laundry bag 02.jpg

1.The water-soluble laundry bag has good barrier properties ano can effectively block bacteria and viruses during the collection of fabrics;

2.PVA water-soluble laundry bags are divided into normal temperature water soluble (20-25°), medium temperature water soluble (45°), and high temperature water soluble (60-80°).

3.The water-soluble laundry bag is non-toxic to the environment.

4.The water-soluble laundry bag can be completely dissolved in water.

5.The main component of the product is polyvinyl alcohol, which can degrade into carbon dioxide and water when entering the natural environment.