PVA Water Soluble Laundry Bag

- Jun 01, 2020-

Water-soluble laundry bags are effective closed treatment systems in the medical industry, where safety and high hygiene standards are essential to prevent the spread of infectious ingredients. When contaminated linen or clothing is sequestered in a water-soluble bag from the filling point to the washing machine or disposal point, the handling will be safer.

Hot water soluble laundry bag 02.jpg

YIFU® PVA bags can be made soluble in hot water or hot water to process damp linen. The bag is completely dissolved in the clothing, and there is no contaminated packaging waste. In addition, PVA bags are biodegradable and have anti-virus properties.

YIFU hospital laundry bag

Water-soluble biohazard bags can also be used to safely transport medical and scientific instruments until they can be sterilized.

YIFU® water-soluble laundry bags are pre-made and supplied in a packaging box with an integrally connected pink soluble cable tie.