Product introduction of environmental protection new materials department of Shanghai Yifu Packaging Products Group Co., Ltd.

- Oct 03, 2020-

The environmental protection new materials department of Shanghai Yifu Packaging Products Group Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on the research and development of water-soluble functional environmental protection materials and fully biodegradable materials. Utilize the functionality and biodegradability of materials to provide the public with safe, healthy and environmentally friendly functions and personalized packaging solutions.

Among them, the laundry gel beads are mainly composed of two parts, one is detergent, and the other is water-soluble packaging film. When we put the laundry gel beads in the washing machine, the packaging film covering the detergent will dissolve in water, and the detergent will immediately melt into the water. The operation is simple and convenient to not dirty hands. The water-soluble packaging film on the outside of the laundry gel is our product, and many different products are extended from it, like the storage bag for hospital gowns. When the sick gown with germs is put in the storage bag, the staff can directly put the whole bag of the sick gown into the equipment for disinfection and cleaning. The storage bag will dissolve in water, eliminating the need for the staff to put the hospital gown on Take it out and put it in this part of the equipment, thereby reducing the possibility of germ transmission and secondary infection. At present, as many as 80% of hospitals in China use our storage bags, and they are also exported worldwide.


Yifu Group's products are widely used in the fields of life, medical hygiene, agriculture/chemical industry, etc. The product design and research and development are mainly aimed at environmental protection and functionality.

According to incomplete data, the world can produce up to 35,000 tons of dog feces every day, and the government advocates treating dog feces with human excrement. In response to the government's call, Yifu Group has a dog poop picking bag, so that everyone can pick up dog poop and place it directly in the toilet and discharge human excrement in a unified way. The picking bag will dissolve in water and is clean and hygienic.

Some people may ask, are materials like this really environmentally friendly? Will it cause secondary pollution? The materials developed by Yifu Company can be completely biodegraded in nature and degraded into carbon dioxide and water. All materials return to nature and truly have no impact on the environment. This material has obtained a number of international certifications and many domestic and foreign intellectual property rights.