Product characteristics and related properties of water-soluble film

- Jan 07, 2020-


1) Water-soluble film has water-soluble characteristics. Cool water is soluble, and the water solubility rate can be designed and selected;

2) Antistatic. During the packaging process, the static electricity will not cause the reduction of ductility and electrostatic dust collection efficiency;

3) Moisture and gas permeability. Water-soluble plastic film has strong permeability to moisture and ammonia gas, but has excellent practical effect of isolating gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide;

4) Heat sealability. Water-soluble packaging plastic film has excellent heat-sealability, suitable for resistance heat-seal and antenna heat-seal. The heat-seal compressive strength is related to temperature, humidity, pressure, time and other conditions, generally greater than 200g / cm2

5) Mechanical properties. Strong strain rate 2500-400kg / cm2, compressive strength 400-200kg / cm2, tear 200-50kg / cm2, tensile strength 150-220%

6) Abrasion resistance and chemical resistance of water-soluble film. Water-soluble plastic film packaging has excellent abrasion resistance (edible oil, animal oil, mineral oil), fatty properties, resistance to organic solvents and sugars, etc., but strong acids, alkalis, chlorine oxygen radicals, and he can react with PVA, such as borax , Boric acid and some dyes, these are not recommended for water-soluble plastic films.

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Water-soluble film related properties:

1 Relative density g / cm3 1.22

2 Melting index g / 10min 5.5

3 Melting point ℃ 180

4 Vicat softening temperature (load: 5kg) ℃ 48

5 Tensile strength MPa 32

6% elongation at break 96